Friday, March 27, 2009

How Caring for Aging Parents Affects Business

It wasn't that long ago we were in deep discussion about childcare, working women, and the workforce. Although this remains a concern, and an issue, we are facing a crisis that needs the same, if not more attention than childcare, and that is eldercare.

In 2007 it was estimated that 44 million American's were providing some kind of care to our aging population. As Baby Boomer's age, we can expect a significant growth in that number. How does that affect business? An Article in AARP describes the situation, costs to business, and solutions to reducing those costs.

In a poor economy, it will be a rare employer that can provide paid for eldercare benefits, but employers can reduce their business costs by adding eldercare resources to their Employee Assistance Programs. Most unpaid caregiver's are unaware of the resources available to assist them with care, transporting and escorting a parent to a doctor appointment, or getting a physician that makes house calls. A few simple services in place can ease an employees mind, and reduce their stress, allowing them to concentrate on their jobs, and remain at work. All businesses need reliable and productive employees. With over 44 million people caring for an elder, we can estimate 35 million are employed. It doesn't take a genious to figure out that at least 22 million people are regularly taking time off work, unable to concentrate on their jobs, or contemplating leaving their jobs because of the stress and fatigue of working and caregiving. How big will that number become in the face of aging Baby Boomer's, and what are we going to do to address this? Are we going to wait until we are unable to find reliable, productive employees that don't have an aging spouse, parent, or relative? Or are we going to start addressing the cost to business, and advocating for seniors and caregivers now? Not only do businesses need to assess and address this need in their employees, but we need to advocate for government subsidized senior care. The increasing financial crisis related to eldercare is on the horizon.

For assistance in adding eldercare resources to your Employee Assistance Program,without any cost to the employer, email Angil Tarach RN at, or

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  1. A few years ago I wrote a paper for English on the "Sandwich Generation" which is our babyboomers! We help take care of our aging parents as well as caring for our children and grandchildren. I think that the BabyBoomers should go down in history as the worlds greatest MULT-Taskers! God Bless our Seniors!. huggerz laurel


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