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Please consider supporting "Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging" which is part of a larger project to improve the treatment, living and care of aging adults.

"The Aging Question; A Vision for the Coming Elder Boom" by Angil Tarach-Ritchey
This is a cutting edge M2E Book offering a look into the process and beauty of aging and a vision for improved living and care.  Experience the book through text, photos and video clips of a couple of the amazing women Angil interviewed for her highly anticipated print book "Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging" coming 2012.

As a part of Angil's advocacy efforts she has made this book available free of charge.  If you find this book touches you and you would like to join in the advocacy efforts, please email Angil at

The 2011 "Quick Guide to Understanding Medicare, Medicaid, and other payer sources" is the highly reviewed resource book, available on Amazon, for anyone having difficulty understanding "who pays for what"?
This quick guide offers the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, Medicaid, private health insurance, Veterans benefits, and long term care insurance in easily understandable language. The book also offers explanations of Medi-gap insurance, the "donut hole", and links to more detailed information.

The book has been #1 in its category on Amazon!

After Angil personally spent over 88K on her own healthcare in 5 years, her experience initiated the research and motivation to write this book so others can prevent excessive out if pocket costs and save money.  Buy Now!

Coming in 2012!
Angil is authoring "Behind the Old Face; The Current Climate and Future of Aging" a highly anticipated book to change the perception of the elderly in America. Angil believes that if we can evoke empathy the treatment and care of the elderly will improve.

Do you think the elderly should be treated and cared for with kindness, dignity, and respect? Are you concerned about the care of an aging loved one, or yourself in the future? Do you wonder what will happen as 76 million Baby Boomers cross the senior threshold?  Where will they live, how will they obtain care?  Who will pay for it all?  Are you an aging adult concerned for your future?  There are answers which will improve the quality of life and living for aging adults and the access and ability to obtain care without going bankrupt!

Please support and share Behind the Old Face. It could mean everything to an elderly person now, in the future, and to you as you age.

We appreciate every comment and thumbs up on the UTube channel.  If we are going to improve the treatment and care of the elderly helping make this video go viral will expose more viewers to understanding there is mso much more Behind the Old Face.

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