Thursday, April 2, 2009

JUST Being REAL.....

In the day of technology, there are websites for everything. We have become a society where relationships of all types begin, or only take place online.

What most people don’t realize is seniors are the fastest growing population online.

I was on one of my social networking sites, and I noticed an advertisement for a social/dating site for seniors. I know a few people that might like to know about it, so I clicked the ad. Wow, a beautiful couple. The kinds we think are wealthy, and taken care of.

After looking at the main page, I decided to email it to my mother. Who couldn’t use some new friends? Let me share with you, my email to my mother

Hi Mom,
Hope you're good. I was on a networking site, and this ad came up for this senior meeting site. I opened the link, and it looks like something to check out, as long as it's free. I think it's cool just to make some friends, and flirt around if it strikes you to, LOL!

Here is my warning about the site:

WARNING...WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!!......The people on the home page of, ARE NOT real people....they have been botoxed, stretched, enhanced, reduced, and are airbrushed!

REAL PEOPLE look real....they have wrinkles, and fat...their hair is either grey covered by color in a box, all grey, or not even there,....they have cellulite, and struggles...they have something or another aching....another body part has decided to be lazy or just retire permanently...they have grandkids that can drive you crazy...but they're just grandkids & you can send them home!.......and the most real is they know what they "want"... and think, "Yae,,, right, don't we all????... So they decide to lower our standards below Barbie and Ken...because in all reality who could keep up with them anyway! This is the point....they now meet and have relationships with the most real people they've ever known. They're here…just look beyond the homepage!


How Great….just to be REAL!

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