Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's set an advocacy record today!

I'm excited to once again be a guest on Marla Martindale's radio show "Winning Life Through Pain", today April 3rd at 2pm EST! Marla and her assistant Meg, are great lady's with big friendly hearts!

We will be discussing Behind the Old Face and the advocacy project and rallying for support as we get down to the wire in our funding goal on Kickstarter. Please join us to listen, chat in the chatroom, or call in with any questions or comments. I'm asking listeners to please just pledge $1 in support of the elder advocacy project on Kickstarter. I am hoping to set a record for the most $1 pledges on any single Kickstarter project and draw attention to the care needs of the elderly and, chronically ill and disabled adults.
Come join in the conversation!

Angil Tarach-Ritchey can be reached for questions or comments at Angil@behindtheoldface.com or other contact options at http://www.elderboom.org

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