Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Faces of Alzheimer’s

I recently started writing for the Alzheimer's Reading Room, the #1 site for Alzheimer's information.

This morning I was in the middle of an article when I called my Mom, who was getting ready to go into surgery for a hip replacement.  I live in Michigan, and my Mom is in North Carolina.  I was unable to go to NC at this time, so we were on the phone, when she told me my Godmother had died.

The article I was writing was "The Faces of Alzheimer's".  My Godmother, Jean Rodzik, died at 88 yrs old with Alzheimer's disease.  I haven't seen Jean in years.  She lived in Florida, and over the years we lost track of each other.  I always loved her, and thought the world of her, and her husband, and my Godfather Ed.  They were joyful people who were loved by everyone who knew them.  They weren't blood relatives, but great friends of my Grandmother and Aunt and became my whole families relatives by choice.  My family thought so much of Jean and Ed, that my parents asked them to be my Godparents, and they were also Godparents to cousins of mine.

I just heard that Jean had advanced Alzheimer's and was moved to a facility near her daughter.  It seems a perfect time for this article to be written, and as you read it, you will understand why.

So in dedication and memory of my Godmother, Jean Rodzik, and all those currently with Alzheimer's Disease, and those who have died with it, I ask you to read the article in their honor.

The Faces of Alzheimer’s

I would like the opportunity to also thank all my friends and readers who prayed for my Mom.  She went through surgery great and is expected to do wonderfully!  I am thrilled her pain will be less and her mobility improved!


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  1. Cool post,

    This poses some big questions. I will definitely check out Faces of Alzheimer's. With so many adult children living away from aging parents and loved ones, I think that in-home care will take on an even larger role in the future.

    If you are interested in reading more on this issue, I hope that you will check out our blog on the subject:



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